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Transport: means of transport

Real estate

Real estate: finding the ideal home

Local shops and supermarkets

Local shops and supermarkets


Leisure: Green spaces and parks

Investing in the city

Urban life offers many investment opportunities. Those who are interested can think about projects such as daycare centers, restaurants, etc.

Living in the city

Living in the city

Housing is the main concern of people considering moving to the city, whether they choose to live in Paris eleventh or the south, in Marseille… The needs of tenants depend on several parameters, such as whether they are married or single, the size of their family, the number of children…

Some people might choose to buy a piece of land and build their houses on it. However, it is recommended to find out about several administrative issues beforehand.

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Safety in the city

Urban design is one of the best options for providing a user-friendly space. Depending on the furniture used, these spaces can take on a more playful dimension, with the presence of sports equipment and children’s play areas. Depending on the type of furniture and its location, in a company, a school or a park, it plays a safety role and adds a certain dynamism to the city. More on

Living in the city: things to consider

To live in the city, it is imperative to take into account a set of points inherent to various aspects. Work, family, and well-being are all important.

Employment and professional career

Whether you are looking for a job or are already working, the city offers many professional opportunities.

Education, schools, and training

There is a plethora of educational and training opportunities in the city. Training centers and schools are found nearly everywhere throughout the city.

Nannies and daycare

For working parents with young children, there are multiple solutions to take care of their kids, such as daycare centers, nannies…

Sports, activities, and well-being

To de-stress after a long day of work, city dwellers can indulge in various sports and relaxation activities both indoors and outdoors.

Shopping in the city

When it comes to shopping, city dwellers are spoilt for choice. Indeed, most cities have shopping malls, department stores, and stores dedicated to the sale of various items (clothing, children’s toys, household appliances…).

Going out, hanging around, and having fun in the city

One of the advantages of living in the city is the countless opportunities it offers to its inhabitants when they want to have fun. Thus, leisure activities are commonplace. Whether you are alone, a couple, or a family, you can be sure there is always something for everyone.

Fairs and markets

Fairs and markets

In the city, commercial events are legion. Indeed, fairs are regularly organized for the great pleasure of those who are interested in shopping.

  • Regular and occasional markets
  • A great diversity of goods
  • Discounts and sales all year round

Museums and art galleries

Another way for some people to entertain themselves in the city is to visit museums and art galleries. Cities are bound to have these kinds of cultural spaces that allow you to indulge in different activities such as

  • admiring works of art;
  • getting an idea of the city’s heritage;
  • buying works of art;

Going to movie theaters

Going to movie theaters is an integral part of the urban cultural landscape. Some cities have several theaters showing films of different genres.

  • Watching movies with 3D technology.
  • An enriching cultural experience.
  • Sharing good times (as a couple, as a family…).

Sports in the city

In the city, it is possible to practice a myriad of sports activities. Everyone can be satisfied, whether they are children or adults. Sports facilities are available in the form of sports halls and fields dedicated to various types of sports.

Family space in the city: activities offered

Family space in the city

The city is full of spaces dedicated to families. These provide several services in one place so that you do not have to move from one spot to another to find what you need. Generally, these structures offer catering services through restaurants and caf├ęs that are located there. Children’s play areas are also available. Some are even equipped with cash machines.